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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 473 reviews
      Bobby Chalioulias
      Perfect seat

      My kid loves it!

      Steve Wheeler
      Great product and even better service

      Quick shipping and when I messed up and ordered the wrong adapter for my Ebike they were able to ship out the proper parts quickly. Amazing service

      Great product, exceptional company

      I have put my mac ride through 2 children now and some rough trails. I have the adapter on all my bikes (bikepacking through downhill) and the kids have loved it all. Its been such a gift to share my love and passion of biking with my boys. Like i said we have put this product through the ringer and some of the parts have worn out. I dont blame this on the product at all but on how much weve used it. This season i needed to get it fixed up to be usable again and was blown away that this company supports repair over replacement. They were able to supply me with all the peices that had worn out, in my experience most companies just send a full replacement which seems wasteful to me. The only thing that makes me sad about this product is that next season will likely be the last season my boys use it as my youngest is getting too big! Will always appreciate the good times weve had on this product and will make sure it finds a hone that will appreciate it as much as we did!

      Marc-André Arcand
      awesome bike seat

      Should have bought this before!!

      A must have for families who love to ride

      I picked up a Mac Ride for my 2.5 year old son and I and we love it! Two things stood out for me about the Mac Ride: 1) the curved Mac Ride seat seemed like it would do a better job of keeping him in place on bumpy trails. 2) the low standover means more space between my chin and my son's helmet (important for us short people). We've been out on a mix of green and easy blue trails (with obligatory stops at the playground) so far and it's been great. He enjoys it much more than the rear mounted Thule seat we had before since he can see and be part of the action. Highly recommended for families who love bikes!

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