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      Follow along to read about our highs, our lows, and our ultimate dreams for Mac Ride triumph. Here is a snapshot of the underbelly of Mac Ride, and the journey behind it.

      1. The Children Arrive
      The Mac Ride Journey starts in 2007 when our daughter is born, then it's double trouble when our son arrives in 2011


      2. The Adventure Challenge 
      We dream of keeping up our active lifestyle, camping on weekends and leaving the car at home day-to-day. It's not always easy, and we start to mull over product ideas that would help us.
      3. Glen Dreams Up Mac Ride 
      Glen takes the best of what he's seen from other seats, ads some magic sauce, and develops the concept of Mac Ride.
      4. Team Roberts Moves to Canada
      Ok, so the seat isn't here yet, but the flag tells all. We've left the beloved Scotland (for now) and base ourselves in Ashley's home town, Vancouver, BC.

      5. Ride More Innovations Ltd is Born 
      It's official. We're in business. Oh right, we still need to make our product!
      6. The Mac Ride Model
      The first model is made. The feedback is wonderful. We're pumped!
      7. Ten Precious Prototypes 
      We have the prototypes made and tested with early adopters around the world. Excitement for the concept builds!

      8. Kickstarter Blues
      We don't hit our first target. We're bummed.

      9. Kickstarter Success
      If at first... The target is exceeded. We have a healthy pre-order list and funds with which to get cracking!
      10. Race Face
      An opportunity comes up for Glen to be a Design Engineer with Race Face Performance. He can't say no. He has a blast working (and riding) with the Race Face team.
      11. Time to Focus
      After a wonderful stretch with Race Face, the opportunity for Mac Ride to take off becomes clear, and we decide we should work on Mac Ride full time.
      12. Mac Ride Prototype
      It's a long, slow -at times painful- process with manufacturing in China but finally, the prototype is complete. There are some huge achievements in the seat, but ultimately...
      13. Not Good Enough
      We decide we can do better. The pink and blue prototype production is halted, and we work our butts off on an improved version.
      14. Think Taiwan.
      We move manufacturing to Taiwan, where the reputation for high performance bikes and accessories is second to none. We build a very strong relationship with our partners in Taiwan!
      15. Mac Ride 2.0
      The next version of the seat is completed. We love it.
      16. SGS Testing to the Moon & Back
      We are thrilled with the results from the independent SGS testing lab. 
      17. Our Online Shop Opens for Business!
      We fulfill our pre-orders, and love seeing new customers join the Mac Ride family. We are chuffed!

      18. Quill Stem Adapters are in!
      The long awaited quill stem adapters for stems at 7/8" and 1" are in. Commuters, welcome to Mac Ride!

      19. Mini Grips are here!
      We have grips for cozy hands to pair with your Mac Ride. And we are working on other accessories as well.
      20. Go Global!
      Distribution develops. We now have 4 centres covering 4 regions:
      • North America (out of Canada)
      • the EU (out of the UK),
      • Australia/New Zealand (via Mountain Bikes Direct)
      • Rest of the world, via FedEx from Taiwan!
      21. Rocket Arrives
      Not particularly relevant to the Mac Ride business, except for that he's an awesome trail dog, and we love him!
      22. Mac Ride Phase 2
      Back at HQ, we focus on customer service for the Mac Ride community around the globe (Mac Riders in over 35 countries!), sharing your awesome Mac Riding adventures with our facebook and instagram followers, and working on the next item to join our product line. Stay tuned!